Professional Projects

Mobile Banking System and Payment Gateway Solution
In this project, I along with my teammates developed a banking system through mobile, that supports many of the banking features like POS (point of sale), payment switch, fund transfer, bank statement review. I worked on the core server which is written in C++ and is successfully running on a Linux system. We used our own protocol and packet format. We developed the system according to the  Service Oriented Architecture. We used peer-to-peer socket programming. This project integrates an interbank Payment Gateway Solution utilizing ISO 8583 messaging. We have already developed required switching and endpoint modules and successfully deployed them on a local bank as a pilot project.
You can learn about the product  here.

Automation of International Remittance System for Bangladesh Krishi Bank (BKB)
The goal of this project is to automate the international remittance management procedures. We implemented the system to process telegraphic transfer (TT) requests. We also integrated the provision of Demand Draft and Swift Messages. This is a web-based solution with distributed database in each local point. Currently, 952 branches of BKB are using this solution.I was involved in the TT and swift code parsing modules. I came to a basic understanding of large-scale Data Mining methodologies while working in this project.

Interactive Voice Response for mobile banking
To integrate the IVR service with existing mobile banking system developed by us I designed and implemented a c++ based IVR server. This server is based on PSTN telephony. It works on the ISDN part of the SS7 protocol stack.

Public Key Infrastructure System
I developed a PKI infrastructure for the Center for Certificate Authority of Bangladesh Government, which is under approval. It supports all the core features of a PKI. The system is complete and successfully working with issuing certificates for the web servers, and mail servers of national and foreign business entities. Also, the PKI offers digital signatures for email, and HSMs. It incorporates all the standards such as x509 V3 certificate standard, x500 directory access protocol. Also, I developed an OCSP (Online certificate status protocol) for the live time automation of the revocation lists.

Core Banking System
Working with the CBS team to do a detailed analysis of Core Banking System (General Banking, Islamic Banking) and worked through various modules of the system. We are working in-depth on existing systems like Temenos, Finnacle, and i-Flex. I was involved in the design of a Service Oriented Architecture using WCF for the CBS.

Html Editor Control For Microsoft.Net
I participated in the development of an Html Editor control for Micrsoft.Net that will enable the user to use all the Html core functionality and Body Html, Document Html manipulation, base URL, Relative Url features. I used Html Agility Pack for this development. You can learn further from here,

SQL Server Synchronizer for remote connection restricted hosting
This application aimed at connecting to remote SQL Server on a shared hosting system with limited permission to the database. This program uses web service based functional modules that will talk to the user program in their desktop instead. I developed the Remote Module Installer in this project. For details, visit this link

In House FTP Client

I developed an in-house FTP client for my company to upload and download to remote FTP server facilitating multiple user modes.

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