Freelance Projects

Screenshots Management Software
In this project, I designed and created a Screen Shot management Application. It allows indexing and management of documentation screenshot for various projects.
Platform: C#

Desktop Client for Amazon Search Engine
Using Amazon web services, I developed a simple tool to search and index on Amazon on different categories like Books, CDs, and DVDs, etc.
Platform: C#

Domain Checker for Alexa, Google search URLs from Keyword Tracking
I developed a keyword tracker which searches the results in for a given keyword and find the first page links in Google and Alexa search results and then rank them appropriately and checks the domain names on various combination of the links whether they are available or not
and list them accordingly. It was a useful tool for SEO activities. The report format was CSV.
Platform: C#

Windows Service Based Ranking System on Google Query Results
I developed a windows service based tracking system that queries the given keywords in the database tables in Google and ranks the links which are sponsored by Google in order of their appearance on the Google search page.
Platform: C#
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