Academic Projects

Smart-Phone Bilirubin Detector

Online Bus Ticketing and Routing System
In this project, I implemented an Automated Ticketing System for intercity bus services. I added the features of online ticket reservation, bus route selection, bus selection, seat plan, navigation through Map, a feature of credit card, etc. Also strong admin panel for adding or editing route and bus information.
Platform: ASP.Net, C#, Oracle 9i, Crystal Reports

OSI Datalink and Network Layer
It was an academic project. In this project, I developed CRC checking, bit stuffing in the datalink layer, and implemented routing protocol in a network that allowed message passing between different network hops. It shows whole network activity using intelligent engine.
Platform: Java, Java Com API.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) for Hatil Furniture
This was also an academic project. In this project, I along with my partner developed a CRM for a renowned furniture company. It allows customer feedback management, complaint tracking, carpenter allocation for resolving problems, categorized complaint history for the design team, multiple reporting to various authorities, inventory reports, etc.
Platform: C#, MS SQL Server 2005, Crystal Reports.

Student Result Management
I developed a small student result management program which can be used to manage students result according to the existing system of BUET.
Platform: C#

Digital Diary: Implemented Automated Digital Diary
Simple digital diary which features day-to-day blogs, address book and phone book.
Platform: Java

File and Folder Protector

Simple file and folder protector for Windows.
Platform: Java

3D Carom Game
This was an open GL academic project. We designed and implemented a 3D carom game which featured physics-based interactive gaming.
Platform: C++, OpenGL API

Implementation of Core Operating System Feature like Virtual Memory,
Multitasking, File Management in Nachos

As an academic project, I added the functionality of Virtual Memory, Page fault management, Multitasking, File Management in Nachos ((Not another Completely Heuristic Operating System).
Platform: C++

DOS Screen Saver
It was an assembly language based project. I implemented a resident memory screen-saver for DOS-based platform.
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