Tanzirul Azim, Ph.D.

Microsoft Research
14865 NE 36th St, (Microsoft Building #112)
Redmond, WA 98052
tanzirul AT tanzirul dot com

My research mainly focuses on adapting smartphone application analysis procedures to generate novel insights and techniques for localizing application faults and information leaks. In addition to understanding program behavior, I aim to create strategies and software engineering solutions on smartphone platforms to improve overall user experience. 

I received my Ph.D. from the University of California, Riverside in August 2016. The title of my doctoral thesis is Fault Discovery, Localization, and Recovery in Smartphone Applications. 

I have publications in premier software engineering (ICSE, OOPSLA, ASE), mobile systems (MobiSys), and security (USENIX Security) conferences. In addition, I have designed and developed several Android-based testing and debugging utilities (A3E, Android Arrow), and more recently I have designed uLink, a "user-defined" deep-linking framework for Android applications which redefines the deep linking technology we see in modern smartphone applications. I completed this project while I was an intern at Microsoft Research (MSR)’s Redmond campus. I have come back to MSR to continue working on this project.


A3E Demo

A3E record and replay

Selected conference publications:

"For experimentalists, conference publication is preferred to journal publication, and the premier conferences are generally more selective than the premier journals."

Evaluating Computer Scientists and Engineers For Promotion and Tenure by David Patterson, Lawrence Snyder, and Jeffrey Ullman.

Premier Conference Publications: ICSE (1), OOPSLA (3), USENIX Security (1), ASE (1), MobiSys (1)

[1] "Finding Resume and Restart Errors in Android Applications", Z. Shan, T. Azim, I. Neamtiu, OOPSLA'16 pdf
[2] "uLink: Enabling User-Defined Deep Linking to App Content", T. Azim, O. Riva, S. Nath, MobiSys'16 pdf
[3] "Versatile yet Lightweight Record-and-replay for Android", Y. Hu, T. Azim, I. Neamtiu, OOPSLA'15 pdf
[4] "Towards Self-healing Smartphone Software via Automated Patching", T. Azim, I. Neamtiu, L. Marvel, ASE'14 pdf [NIT]
"Brahmastra: Driving Apps to Test the Security of Third-Party Components",
R. Bhoraskar, S. Han, J. Jeon, T. Azim, S. Chen, J. Jung, S. Nath, R. Wang, D. Wetherall, USENIX Security'14 pdf
[6] "Targeted and Depth-first Exploration for Systematic Testing of Android Apps"
, T. Azim, I. Neamtiu, OOPSLA'13 pdf
[7] "RERAN: Timing- and Touch-Sensitive Record and Replay for Android", L. Gomez, I. Neamtiu, T. Azim, T. Millstein, ICSE'13 pdf

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